Banking the Unbanked

There are 2 billion consumers worldwide who are considered unbanked and over 190 million of them are in India. Sailing on the robustness of Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics and Psychometrics, ConfirmU spawns a personality profile directing at a borrower’s potential to payback. Our AI gaming solution can be an integral part of a borrower's loan application journey. The smart game leverages machine-learning algorithms to profile an individual without bias.


Extracting information about them through local KYC.

Play an engaging user friendly game

We understand their Financial Conscientiousness through our 3-5 minutes game.

Tools to avoid fraudulent behaviour.

Use of multiple tools to understand fraudulent patterns

Credit Score Generation

A score which gives the lender an indication of applicant's willingness to repay back the loan.

Our Media

Currently, many people in developing countries get their salary paid in cash, after which they convert it to a prepaid card.

An app that finds out how bankable are the 'un-banked'

Yatir Zaluski had developed a mobile app to help un-banked customers or those with no credit history build a credit score and get funds from the traditional banking and finance system. He realised that his home market, Israel, was too small and that he would be better off targeting larger markets such as the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. read More
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ConfirmU gained in the past year recognition from well know financial institutions like: CITIBANK T4I accelerator and not too long ago shortlisted and received prize from Singapore Fintech hackcelerator.


Our advanced mobile SDK enables lenders to benefit from advanced Machine Learning algorithms which can save them money and more accurately assess the credit scores of potential customers.

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